On May 13th, 2016 I was one of the participant to the yearly Design Build Competition, organized by the Keystone, Mountains, Lakes (KML) Carpenters Training Center or Pittsburgh, PA. This is a phenomenal occasion to show your talent as a young designer, and to work with a young contractor (member of the Master Builders Association of Western PA), and with an apprentice from the Carpenters Training Program. I have never had the opportunity of working in a team like this, and I learned a lot about construction. It was a great exercise in creativity and... construction skills!

6 teams, participated to the event. The goal was to build a bench with a sun-shade system. We were given max dimensions, budget, suggested materials and techniques. We had to come up with a design, feasibility study, budget, and construction schedule (considering that we were given 1 1/2 day to build it, at the Training Center).

A little detail spiced up the competition: each team was assigned a US State where the Carpenters are represented, and my Team got Maryland. Then, we were asked to include a symbol of the State in our bench. We decided to go with... the Terrapin turtle.

Following are the drawings I developed, and the photos of my team in action, with the final result. To learn more about future competition, typically held every May, write to yaf@aiapgh.org 

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