This is my entry to the Life of an architect's online contest, for the 2017 edition. I did not win, but I am still proud of my 'tangram house', embodying a multiplicity of shapes and forms in one. The tangram is a game in which, by rearranging simple geometrical shapes, you are potentially able to represent the shape of anything. This playhouse is able to look slightly different every time, if you rotate it and place it on a different plane, by virtue of its shapes, colors and openings: an entry can become a window and so on. 

The competition was asking for a playful creation, able to fit an a limited budget. 

The criteria used for judging were creativity, appeal, originality, buildability, and the ability of the playhouse to be built for approximately $5,000 in material costs. 

© 2017 Bea Spolidoro