• beaspoli

Parametric Nest

I am trying to be more creative and to produce and/or explore something new every day. Today I tried to recreate a bird nest in Grasshopper and Rhinoceros. It was a good first attempt. I started by creating three little pieces of "grass" or "straw" and then I rotated them to create a sort of wreath at the base, then I multiplied it at the top of the nest. Both wreaths are flat (2D). Then, I created catenary arches from the base up to the top, to bring the nest in 3D. Finally I hid the 2D base and top and started playing with the sliders to get the shape of nest I wanted.

Above you can see the Rhino screen on the left and the Grasshopper screen on the right. Below you can see a quick video I made to show you the parameters.

Finally, I "baked" the perspective I wanted, and then I played with it to create an image I liked in Photoshop. Et voilà! "Nest #1" is ready to be published here. Until the next post, stay creative, my friends!

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