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Laser, please...

Continuing my series of explorations of all the tools at Hack PGH. This time I am flying solo, as I am officially trained now (!!!). My first project: a notepad/documents holder.

Inside I can put either a notepad, or any document letter-sized or smaller.

(inside, with and without notepad)

You might have guessed it... the very center of Milano is on the front cover. Here are a couple of details for the cartography lovers: the Duomo and the Università degli Studi di Milano on the left; the Castello Sforzesco on the right, with the beautiful Foro Buonaparte wrapping it.

Last but not least, here is the rough plan of what I had in mind when I started:

I was working with 12"x12" pieces of baltic birch plywood and trying to be efficient with the material. That evening, I also created an iPad holder, 2 pairs of earrings, and an iPhone holder that a dear friend asked me. The results are honorable, I shall say. You will be the ultimate judges...

iPad holder:

I am using it daily and I really like it. If I had to redo it, I might slightly change the distance between the interlocking pieces, in order to avoid conflicts with the volume buttons. It's not a big deal though, I am still happy with it.

Next: I need a better design for the pen holder. The one I made might look cute, but it's not practical. The one below is just iteration one, but requires basically total rework.

See you next time! Till then, stay creative :)

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