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Busy day of learning

Today I really spent a lot of time doing all sort of things. I also started a number of tutorials to learn Rhino and Fusion 360. Both softwares can generate files that can be 3D printed (the .stl format) but they can be helpful in very different ways. I already described Fusion 360 briefly in a previous post. It is great for stuff like industrial design CAM. Rhinoceros 3D (Rhino) can work very well for free-form modeling.

Today I did a tutorial with Fusion360 and I designed a junction box, or part of.

Not cool at all, but it was entertaining enough. Once I got the basics down, I started testing other commands and created a sort of inkwell, or a pencil holder. It doesn't really mean anything: it's just a curvy shape with a hole for the pencil. Below some images of the design, and two sections to show the inside.

I look forward to doing much more complicated shapes, but I can assure that it wasn't easy to handle all those parameters. In the end, I like Rhino better overall, but I appreciate the technical/industrial aspects of Fusion 360.

Today, though, I did other cool things of which I am very proud of. In the last post, I mentioned having found a way to generate topography files that can be 3D printed. Here is how it went:

After 30 minutes and more of that, here is the result. That is a 25 cents worth of print, at HackPGH. 5 cents per gram!

Last thing, I finally got my training in Laser cutting. I already have two projects in mind, but today we used a pre-existing project that you can see below. It's just a coaster, but it's still a cool one.

Next? iPad base and notebook case, with graphics inspired by Milano. I already have the files. Just need to buy my materials and get going. Stay posted for more crazy stuff!

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