Hike the Heights

In 2013, I started helping my dear friend Mindy Fullilove and the C.L.I.M.B. (City Life Is Moving Bodies) team with the promotion of "Hike the Heights". I created some graphics for them, regarding a little giraffe and its adventures in the Heights (New York City). It was fun and right up my alley: I love promote activities that can help a community in improving adn, ultimately, thriving!


From their website: 

" The CLIMB team has been spearheading using this hiking trail to promote physical activity and

community revitalization. The north-south links connect parks 

from Fort Tryon Park to Central Park that nearly touch. The east-west linkages connect the neighborhoods with nearby park facilities. The vital connections will breakdown segregation of people and resources, creating new ways of living together in the city. 


On the day of Hike the Heights, participants meet in each of these parks and hike together to a community celebration. The hike path is lined by giraffe sculptures crafted by local youth.


The path exists year round, so take a hike any day! 
The entire path is about 6 miles long and covers a variety of terrain: hilly, flat, stairs and gravel. The majority of the path is paved. The path links seven northern Manhattan parks and requires walking between 1 and 5 city blocks between parks. View the full Hike the Heights map or download a printable version.  

You do not need to walk the entire trail. Pick a distance to walk or a landmark to see. Consider taking the bus or subway to a new spot and walk home. Check the weather and dress accordingly. You can pack water and a snack, but don't worry, there are a number of restaurants, bodegas, cafes, and stores along the way. "

More info here and here.  Below, my contribution to the project, across the years. 

The Giraffe reading the CLIMB chronicles was created in 2017, to promote the publication of "The CLIMB Chronicles". 

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