Braddock Civic Plaza

Fostering growth in a shrinking community

Despite being left behind by commercial activity, threatened with a limited access thruway, and losing 90% of its peak population, the community of Braddock, PA, has decided to foster growth and encourage and welcome new development. On April 12, 2018 I organized four generous speakers, who presented on Braddock at "Build Pittsburgh", a Continuing Education conference organized by AIA Pittsburgh. The goal of the lecture was to show how the Borough of Braddock managed to growing again, despite all odds, and even attract more investments. You can learn about that presentation clicking on this link

Part of the lecture was dedicated to the creation of the "Braddock Civic Plaza", in the center of Braddock's main road. I helped the Celebrations Committee with the logo design, the T-Shirts design, and other signage. The day of the celebration was a gorgeous one and everybody came out for a full day of music, fun and hope for the Community.

Below you can see my contributions to the Braddock Civic Plaza celebrations, held on August 11, 2018.

Logo design above, and photo below by Bea Spolidoro. All photos are taken during the Celebration on August 11, 2018.

Plaza Design map, below, courtesy of Mon Valley Initiative.

Photos below (taken during the celebrations on August 11, 2018) by Bea Spolidoro.

Above: Yard Sign design. Below on the right: Poster design, for the local businesses.  Below on the left: me wearing the T-shirt!

© 2017 Bea Spolidoro